Character Strengths We Want For Our Children
Help your children to develop the character strengths you want for them.
Which Character Strengths do you wish to help your kids to develop?

Do you have a Character Strength in mind?

If not click on this link and choose one to work with:

Got one now?

Great! Which one did you choose?

Now ask yourself... what kind of ''{{answer_28515618}}" is that? *

Please be as specific and as descriptive as you possibly can.
Why is '{{answer_28515618}}' important to you?

And why is '{{answer_28515620}}' important?

And why is '{{answer_28515621}}' important?

And why is '{{answer_28515622}}' important?

hopefully by now you have reached a level that is synonymous with your 'existence'- i.e. 'because that is who I am as a person'.
OK. Now it's time to make your brain sweat a little bit! 

How are you going to introduce {{answer_28515618}} into your daily family life?

How can you discuss {{answer_28515618}}?

How can you talk about this with your co-parent and/or your children?
How can you lead by example with regards to {{answer_28515618}}?

Is there an activity you can do that will help you to teach this trait?

Is there a process that can be taught by you, someone else, a book or a video?

Is there an event in your life (or theirs) that you can use to help teach {{answer_28515618}}?

A past, present or future event.
How can you reward & praise your children when they behave in keeping with this trait?

Describe a natural consequence that will allow your child to experience {{answer_28515618}} in a way that will embed or deepen learning?

Can you ask your kids what they think they should or could do regarding {{answer_28515618}}?

Ok. Now choose one of the activities from your answers above.
How are you going to weave this into the fabric of our family life?

Have you scheduled this in the diary?

By blocking out the time you will be more likely to not allow life to get in the way.
First name too please...

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